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My Experience as a Digital Assistant with Bristol Museums

My name is Steffan Le Prince, I am a Digital Assistant and am primarily based at M Shed, having started the role 2 months ago. My main focus is fixing the digital interactives in the museum, I also support colleagues with technical problems and help set up and roll out new digital tech and exhibitions here, lately I’ve been working on new digital signage using the Signagelive content management system.

Living in Bristol since 6 years of age, it’s spiritually where I’m from. I have a varied educational and previous work background, I studied Computer Games Technology at University and also completed a higher education course in Music Production. I have worked from a delivery driver, to a go kart centre marshal, to a mobile arcade games area provider for events to a remote technical support agent over the phone. This role allows me to draw from all these experiences (fixing the interactives can be surprisingly similar to fixing a game!).

I was thrown in at the deep end on my first day, when the WiFi in shop and box office of M Shed went down, helping to troubleshoot this half way through my induction conversation. This straight away was so interesting and hands on, quite a challenge for me and co-Digital Assistant Jack Evans at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, where the same WiFi issue also happened at the same time.

I love working for Bristol Culture in the Digital Team, the role combines the troubleshooting aspect that I have enjoyed in previous work and I find it really rewarding fixing technical issues and being part of the team at a local museum, M-Shed is a good fit for me as Bristol life, music, people, places and street art have all have a big impact on my life.