About our lab

Our labs blog is a place where anybody from the service can highlight a project they’re working on, with a focus on digital – though we may throw in some extras now and then, from our work with audiences (real people!) to interesting stuff we’re doing with data.  It may be a project that’s yet to start in its discovery phase, in its infancy as an alpha project, in progress as a beta, live or gone pear-shaped.

One of our digital principles is to be ‘open’ and this blog is an example of our commitment to open practices. If you’d like to get in touch please email zak.mensah@bristol.gov.uk

Some key staff in this area are:

  • Zak Mensah, Head of Transformation
  • Mark Pajak, Head of Digital
  • Fay Curtis, User Researcher – Digital Development
  • Darren Roberts, User Researcher – Audience Development
  • Zahid Jaffer, Content Designer
  • David Emeney, Photography / Digitisation Officer

You should follow us @bristolmuseum / @mshedbristol 

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