Monthly Archives: December 2018

Testing museum gallery mobile interpretation

smartify logo

Over the next few weeks we are running user testing of SMARTIFY at M Shed. This app provides visitors with extra information about museum objects using image recognition to trigger the content on a mobile device.

To install the free app use this link:

If you have used the app at M Shed, please could you take a few moments to complete the following survey:

If you would like to help further, please get in touch with our volunteer co-ordinator:


Sharing our retail performance

May I introduce the Retail Performance dashboard. Since taking on retail in 2015 we’re proud to have increased sales by 60% in three years. We’ve gone from loss making to profitable  and at the time of writings we are up 22% compared to last year. What that really means is that our retail efforts will contribute £100,000+ profit back to the service which keeps 2 or 3 staff outside of retail in employment. I jokingly say that our sales of ‘fart whistles’ are literally keeping others in gainful employment!

I regularly tweet stats of our retail performance so thought i’d now take that up a notch and share a dashboard that you can use to see the data yourself. The digital team are working on some much slicker visualisations but for now this will do.

The Retail Performance dashboard, powered by Google Data Studio .

Things to add include: