4.2 Testing by a Budding Volunteer

Today I tested the iBeacons Hidden Museums app for the first time. I enjoyed the sense of exploration and involvement it brought. I had to use the map of the museum to guide me to my destination. The app let out a satisfying “ping” when I reached my destination, and I found there to be no problems with the iBeacons. I was then tasked to find an object after I had been given a short amount of time to memorise it; encouraging me look through all the works on display as I searched for the elusive object. Upon finding the object I had the opportunity to take a picture of it, a feature I enjoyed as it would serve as a personal memory of the object.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Hidden Museums app, and did not come across any glitches. An idea for improvement could be to, on the navigation page, have separate boxes which set out which floor and which section so the user can clearly see where they must go.

Joel Grimmer, secondary school student

Supporting evidence for milestone 4.2 – informal user testing

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