5.13 Staying focused on the Hidden museun


One of the insights I’d like to share about our partnership thus far is that working together over a long period takes focus. Oh and this focus will wobble up and down. Since the start of the project each partner has probably worked on 5-10 other projects plus “other stuff called our lives” for example I’ve had my first kid, got promoted and lost a bunch of sleep. Others have had similar life-changing situations. Yet we’re all still committed to the Hidden museum and supporting each other. We used to meet every fortnight in the aardman cave to review our progress and motivate each other. Yet once got our prototype running there was a period of silence. … Well except for the sounds of our project manager rightfully hounding us for later than promised paperwork – we’re sooo sorry. To stay focused takes effort. Not effort to plan, code or observe, but to stop for a moment and drop each other a line “hey guys lets hook up” and so here we are again. All huddled around Basecamp, trello and the faint glow of an iPad to unleash our hard work onto the public for the pilot launch. Aardman came with sticker packs, Frances and darren with recording devices and questions and us with the spaces, 16 iPads and hoards of eager public.


How far we’ve come. Onwards, focused and eager to show and tell.

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