4.2 Trying out the Hidden Museum Game by Emma

Notes from Emma, our marketing apprentice who had the following to say after trying the app for the first time:

Before you start the game

select from some options what you want (player number, ages, time etc)

  • If already (from the last game) on the “highlighted option” I want – I don’t know if it had been selected for me. Maybe something to indicate it, e.g Change colour? Sound? Vibrate like movement
  • I selected “1  player”. Then it says who want to go first? – Obviously me. Silly irrelevant question. Unless you are playing against the computer (you’re not) which at this point isn’t obvious
  • Pick “badge” – ? Is that term unusual? …Usually ‘character, player’. Also your ‘badge’, character choice doesn’t appear later on … to the user -could seem irrelevant then…
  • A bit slow to scroll through. And it has to be in the centre of the screen to be selected (even though you can see the edges of the previous and next badge.) (Perhaps two { O } lines, brackets to suggest where it need to be placed to be selected)
  • Say “how long” ‘not long’ is as different people have different ideas, interpretations of how long ‘not long’ is. (Be clear ‘not long – 10-20mins’ so people know what they are getting and how much of the game they can roughly do.) I’m not sure people would want to commit to one hour. Would the second option be something like ‘40mins- one hour’

Playing the game

  • Exciting and fun – I’m not going to lie. It really is. I would play it again (I did) too
  • Reminded me of an Easter egg hunt…
  • Info – short, and interesting enough
  • I DO NOT like the count down on the map (and not necessarily enough time) I feel under pressure. Not in a good way
  • Made me view things in gallery/section that I wouldn’t normally, perhaps to be attracted to
  • Nice being led
  • Too much running around! Okish if you are on your own, can’t imagine that working in a big group (e.g family of 4) as you might get distracted as you get from A-B …(should be able to pick where you want to play the game e.g what floor/section).
  • I personally wouldn’t want to/cba to find/ask a member of staff something.
  • If you don’t find the object, you still have to take a picture of it…
  • from our visitor assistant –Colours not on brand?! Doesn’t appear very Bristol Museum & Art Gallery like
  • The right amount of looking at a screen vs. looking around you
  • Like the interaction – taking a picture.

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